As the world spins back into full speed, we learn once again the cause and effect of chaos. A sum of moving parts, we are deeply interconnected, and as such just one erratic movement – the flap of a wing – can instigate a wave of impact devasting or divine.

Through a series of patterns unique unto themselves, we celebrate the beauty of the symmetrical and unsystematic, delicate and robust, wild and disciplined. A clash of colour and form designed to ignite confidence through chaos, the collection leans into classic bustier and halter neck styles with signature, floor length elegance balancing a strong playful energy.

Neon fuchsia, poppy and purple square up for a graphic masterpiece, while soft lemons, pink and tangerine take motion for a feeling feminine and free. S/W/F’s love for the floral motif continues in Flower Riot and Pretty Restless-delicate prints designed to mix and match with popular block colours, Floss Pink, Citrus Chaos and Manic Magenta.