Reflect and reconnect as we journey inward with Inner Musings.


In an uneasy world we understand the power of balance, the art of feeling centred and at peace with our authentic self. The equilibrium of Earth is here harnessed with a palette of muted tonality: Travertine, Amazon green and soft tranquil blue inspiring calm and presence in the wearer. Visions of a dawning desert surface in yet another signature tie dye print: A medley of washed lilac, sky blue and natural green bringing energy to silhouettes both soft and strong. Pocketed utilitarian minis, boilersuits and shirting embrace the yin and yang energy found in us all; mild masculinity balanced by floor length sets, tiered ruffled skirting and off-shoulder sensuality. Naturally, the iconic S/W/F balloon sleeve returns, here with our signature pink for an injection of unashamed femininity. For our animalistic instincts we introduce fine tiger detailing in short, crop and jacket sets for a mix and match look both modern and timeless.


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