Our Pledge
From the very beginning, we have elected to view the world through a conscious lens.
Mindfulness is a non-negotiable and sustainable growth a constant. We are forever learning and implementing innovative products and practices for people and planet - the mission to empower our consumer with positive purchase decisions.
Handmade, sewn and screen printed by neighborhood creatives, our designs transcend time for a garment with true longevity. Quality, ready to wear pieces for you, your sister, mother and future generation. Styles to love, loan, re-discover and repair for a truly circular lifecycle here on planet Earth. This will never change.
The made to order model promises minimal waste and we are working hard to repurpose all offcuts into similarly versatile pieces for the current lifestyle code.
We will continue to uplift the community around us with support of local artisans and ethical trade practices.
Giving back is a core value and we are passionate about investing into the wellbeing of women who need it most. S/W/F is a proud partner of i=Change allowing our valued customers the power of choice in where we invest and how we impact the world around us.
We recognise there is always room for improvement and will continue to explore new possibilities for change.
This is our pledge to you.

Made to Order
Each S/W/F piece is carefully handmade upon the receipt of a customer order. We do not hold warehouses of excess stock. We are proud to manufacture within the seven parameters Green Strategy has devised to define sustainable fashion. 
 Non-Toxic Dyes
All S/W/F garments are hand-dyed. We use DyStar non-toxic dyes clean of hazardous chemicals for minimal environmental impact.
 Naturally Derived Fabrics
Our fabrics are all plant based natural fibers. They are not inherently toxic or polluting. Our consciously created pieces are made with FSC fabrics which are taken from responsibly managed plantations for a 100% biodegradable guarantee.
No Plastic Packaging
We are passionate about limiting our use of single use plastics. There is no plastic used in the packaging of our online orders.